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Brand new Tiny Home floor plans for the industries top manufacturer.


Our homes are built with only the best materials that will last a lifetime.


In most case we can have you custom built Tiny Home deliver in 30 days! 

Discover the Joy of Tiny Living

At Titan Tiny Homes, we believe in the art of living big in small spaces. Our tiny homes are more than just a place to live—they're a gateway to a life of simplicity, sustainability, and unparalleled freedom. Each home we build is a testament to our commitment to quality, design, and the environment.

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​Who says living in a smaller home means you're limited on space? Whether you are just starting out in life or you are looking to retire, living smaller is living smarter. Find out why living in a tiny home is the perfect start for a who new life.  Continue reading...


  • What is a Tiny Home?

  • Smaller, Smarter, More Affordable Living

  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Tiny Home

  • 15 Stunning Floorplans

  • And more...


Tiny living has never felt so big! View our photo galleries to see the latest and greatest designs from Athens Park Model RVs. Whether you are looking for a retirement home, vacation home, or nearby lake or hunting cabin, Athens Park Model RVs have all the comfort of a home away from home.


Explore our range of tiny homes, each crafted to maximize space without compromising on style or comfort. From cozy, rustic designs to sleek, modern aesthetics, we have a home to match every taste and lifestyle.​

  • Sustainable Living: Our tiny homes are designed with eco-friendliness in mind. From energy-efficient appliances to sustainable materials, we ensure your carbon footprint is as small as your new home.

  • Affordable Luxury: Experience the luxury of modern living without the hefty price tag. Our homes are affordable, allowing you to enjoy high-end finishes and smart designs that make the most of every inch.

  • Freedom to Roam: With the option of mobility, your home can travel with you. Whether you’re moving to a new city or exploring the countryside, your home is always with you.

  • Customization: Your tiny home should reflect your style and needs. We offer customizable floor plans, interiors, and features that let you tailor your space exactly how you want it.

Ready to take the first step towards your tiny dream? Contact us today for a consultation. Our team is eager to guide you through every step, from design to delivery. Your journey to a simpler, more fulfilling life starts here.

Join the Titan Tiny Homes family and redefine what home means to you.

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